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Mette Klingsten

Less outsourcing – more insourcing

In a recently published survey, PWC has disclosed that Danish chief executives are planning to outsource less than before.

The figures show that only 27 % of the chief executives of the largest Danish companies are planning to outsource in 2017. In comparison, the figures in 2014, 2015 and…

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Mette Klingsten Law Firm has contributed to the International Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG) by writing the 2017  chapter on Danish employment law.
ICLG publishes legal guides to 44 practice areas in 142 jurisdiction. The nine sections in the Danish chapter on employment law cover areas such as employee…

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The Danish Holiday Act is under review by the Ministry of Employment. The future Holiday Act is intended to be a simpler and more modern version, in accordance with international obligations.

In a statement from 27 April 2015, the EU Commission stated that the current Danish Holiday Act is…

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While many professional-employees unions in Denmark arrange courses on salary-negotiations, most people are still uninterested in sharing salary information with their colleagues.
That’s because discussing salaries is still taboo for most people – especially executives and other key employees. Although everyone is curious about how much their colleagues are…

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The Danish Parliament has passed two bills amending the Danish Act on Aliens. As a consequence, the Greencard scheme is repealed and the Pay Limit scheme is changed .

Under the Danish Greencard scheme, a foreigner could obtain a residence permit in Denmark if he or she had 100 points…

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Mette Klingsten

Mobile phone policy

Many employees in the private sector have mobile phones that are paid by their employer. Nowadays, a mobile phone has many different uses, such as purchasing music, train tickets, making donations, text messaging, surfing the Internet, etc.

Companies should therefore establish a mobile phone policy defining the restrictions applying…

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NemID, a digital signature and single login for public websites, online banking and many other municipal services is a valuable tool for simplifying corporate HR processes and workflow.

Back in the “good old days,” employment contracts and other documents were physically signed by the employee and employer by placing…

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