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Mette Klingsten Law Firm offers legal services in all aspects of Danish labour- and employment law and related areas of law. Our many years of advising private companies and institutions gives us  the knowledge and experience to provide specific services where a deep understanding of the law goes hand in hand with value-based, practical advice. Read more about our different business areas, below.

Negotiation and drafting of contracts

Contracts for senior executives and executive directors

Negotiating and drafting of terms and conditions, when the company is about to hire senior executives and directors. We have long experience, when it comes to negotiating service agreements, short-term bonus agreements and long term incentives based on shares and stock options. We assist in connection with settlement of terms and conditions, when a discharge of senior executives and directors is needed. We assist in drafting severance agreements, hereunder taking the need for loyality obligations and communication during into consideration (hereunder with due consideration to stock exchange rules).

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We negotiate and prepare contracts for boards of directors and management, both when employment relations are to be commenced and terminated.

We prepare contracts for senior executives and members of the board of management (service contracts/CEO’s agreements) and negotiate the conditions in that respect.

On termination of an employment relation, we negotiate the resignation conditions with the management and senior executives and prepare the required documents.

In recent years the number of cases of discrimination on grounds of particularly age and disability have increased. We advise on discrimination on the labour market with a view to preventing disputes.

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Discrimination on the labour market is in focus

The rules on discrimination on the labour market apply both during the advertising period, before and during the employment, and on termination of the employment relation. The rules are to a great extent regulated by Community Law, and the Court of Justice of the European Union makes regularly rulings on the interpretation of the rules.

We offer advice on discrimination on the labour market, with a view to preventing disputes, for example also during the planning of restructuring, dismissals and terminations.

We conduct cases before the Danish non-discrimination board and the ordinary courts in relation to all sorts of discrimination, for example discrimination due to age, handicap or sex, and discrimination due to maternity or parental leave or other forms of leave.


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When an employee exercises the right to take leave, the employer must be aware of various rules. We advise on the company’s obligation to pay salaries during maternity leave according to applicable legislation and collective bargaining agreement as well as on market trends in relation to maternity-, paternity- and parental leave. We also advise on the possibility of reimbursement from maternity funds and “NemRefusion”.

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Employees have both rights and obligations in connection with pregnancy, birth and adoption etc. An employer should be aware of this, but also of the rules on non-discrimination and refund of wages/salaries during maternity leave. An employer must also be aware of what otherwise follows from the legislation and collective agreements.

Our advice and assistance rendered to employers ensure that rights and obligations are under control in order to prevent disputes.

We offer assistance with the implementation of individual resignations, calculation of costs, investigation of the possibility to avoid termination, preparation of the necessary documents to ensure compliance with legal requirements, collective agreements, the company’s policies and values and planning of communication.

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We offer assistance in the following areas:

  • organization of collective redundancies
  • preparation of information and negotiating selection criteria
  • consideration of the implementation of the negotiations and the conclusion of framework agreements
  • compliance with rules on the involvement of work councils
  • organization of procedures in relation to remaining employees
  • application of individual terminations

Drafting company documents, including in the establishment of companies (and subsidiaries in Denmark), management and statutory changes, power of attorney, shareholder meetings, etc.,

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Our secretarial services include

  • Preparation of register of shareholders
  • Assistance with notarisation / legalisation of documents
  • Online registration with the Danish Business Authority in connection with ownership, management, accountancy and statutory changes
  • Transcription (rewriting) of audio files and copy-typing for concept/draft
  • Proofreading, layout and editing documents
  • Secretarial assistance

Advice in regard to the relationship between the board and management, including the preparation of board contracts

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We assist managements and boards of directors in confidential matters

We provide

  • advice on the members of the Board
  • advice on the Chief Executive Officer’s rights, duties and responsibilities
  • advice on the election of employee representatives to the boards in private and public companies, including the organization of the election procedure and other related practicalities
  • assistance in understanding and implementing the Danish Companies Act on “the underrepresented gender”
  • assistance in drafting policies to increase the proportion of the underrepresented gender
  • assistance in preparation of the statement in the annual report on targets and policies for the underrepresented gender

We assist employee organisations and pension funds with employment law issues regarding their own employees.

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Please download the brochure about employee organisations and pension funds in the role as employers. Download

Many employee organizations, member-owned pension funds and the like are not members of an employers’ organization. When a management is going to take on its role as employer, there may be a need for external assistance.

We provide legal assistance in case of

  • individual dismissal
  • major restructuring
  • negotiation and interpretation of collective agreements
  • updating of HR legal documents