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Protection of health and safety representatives

The rules on the protection of health and safety representatives have been updated due to a political agreement on futureproofing workplace health and safety efforts and endeavors to reduce social dumping.
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The Danish Parliament has adopted new rules on the requirement to register working time

On 23 January 2024, the Danish Parliament adopted new rules on working time registration. The rules will enter into force on 1 July 2024, and introduce a new obligation for employers to implement a time recording system making it possible to measure each employee’s daily working time. 
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FAQ: Practical Management of the Abolition of Great Prayer Day

2024 will be the first year since 1686 that Great Prayer Day is no longer a public holiday in Denmark. The main lines of the law regarding the consequences of the abolition of Great Prayer Day as a public holiday are described here, but since the law was passed, several additional questions have arisen about […]
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Great Prayer Day abolished from 2024

The Danish Parliament has approved the abolition of the great prayer day from 2024. This means that the former public holiday will now become a normal working day. In this article we discuss the impact on this for employers and employees. In February 2023 we explained that the Danish parliament had given its first consideration […]
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Law on working hours presented in the Danish Parliament

The Ministry of Employment has submitted, for consultation, a draft bill amending the Act implementing parts of the Working Time Directive and the Labour Court and Trade Union Arbitration Tribunals Act. According to the draft bill, the law will enter into force on 1 January 2024 The draft bill contains two main amendments, one of […]
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When can a retention bonus be exempted from section 17a of the Salaried Employees Act?

The Supreme Court has determined that a retention bonus did not constitute renumeration and was an award to an employee for remaining in the position during a critical period for the company.   The case concerned three employees who had entered into an agreement with their employer for a retention bonus of up to three […]
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