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Protection of health and safety representatives

The rules on the protection of health and safety representatives have been updated due to a political agreement on futureproofing workplace health and safety efforts and endeavors to reduce social dumping.
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FAQ: Practical Management of the Abolition of Great Prayer Day

2024 will be the first year since 1686 that Great Prayer Day is no longer a public holiday in Denmark. The main lines of the law regarding the consequences of the abolition of Great Prayer Day as a public holiday are described here, but since the law was passed, several additional questions have arisen about […]
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Great Prayer Day abolished from 2024

The Danish Parliament has approved the abolition of the great prayer day from 2024. This means that the former public holiday will now become a normal working day. In this article we discuss the impact on this for employers and employees. In February 2023 we explained that the Danish parliament had given its first consideration […]
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Business Areas

Employment contracts and other legal documents

We assist with the preparation of employment contracts and other HR legal documents.
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International employment

We provide advise on international employment of Danish companies.
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Individual and collective redundancies

We assist companies in unusual situations such as collective layoffs and other restructuring processes.
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We regularly organize various events, including webinars, networking meetings and courses.


We regularly organize various events, including webinars, networking meetings and courses.

International consultancy

Mette Klingsten Advokatfirma is a proud member of ELLint, a network of specialized law firms in Europe. We collaborate with our ELLint colleagues to advise clients across borders, offer training and effective coordination. Our cooperation includes the production of multi-compatible employment law documents. Where ELLint cannot assist directly, we work with local law firms to ensure full coverage of our clients’ needs.



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