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Proposal to align conditions for self-organiser exemption

Currently there is a discrepancy between the exemption condition pursuant to the Working Time Act and the Executive Order on Hours of Rest, to resolve the disparity a proposal has been made to align the conditions for self organisers.
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Additional leave rights bill for parents of twins has been adopted

Parents of triplets and quadruplets born after 1 January 2023, have always been entitled to an additional 26 weeks of leave. New rules will come into force on 1 May 2024, granting twin parents similar rights.
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The AI Regulation in the HR department

In March 2024, the European Parliament adopted the AI Regulation, which aims to establish a legal framework for the development and use of AI systems, ensuring that such systems do not violate fundamental rights such as the right to equality and non-discrimination.
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Who are we?

Business Areas

Employment contracts and other legal documents

We assist with the preparation of employment contracts and other HR legal documents.
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International employment

We provide advise on international employment of Danish companies.
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Individual and collective redundancies

We assist companies in unusual situations such as collective layoffs and other restructuring processes.
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We regularly organize various events, including webinars, networking meetings and courses.


We regularly organize various events, including webinars, networking meetings and courses.

International consultancy

Mette Klingsten Advokatfirma is a proud member of ELLint, a network of specialized law firms in Europe. We collaborate with our ELLint colleagues to advise clients across borders, offer training and effective coordination. Our cooperation includes the production of multi-compatible employment law documents. Where ELLint cannot assist directly, we work with local law firms to ensure full coverage of our clients’ needs.


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