Committee on equality and non-discrimination: It was not a breach of the Anti-Discrimination Act when a complainant was not offered a vacant position, because he refused to present a copy of his passport to the company. But it may fall foul of the personal data protection act?

If a…

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Mette Klingsten & Jytte Svensen

The Danish Expat Tax Regime

The Danish Expat tax regime covers among others highly paid employees and scientists, who have not been taxable in Denmark for a period of ten years. The maximum duration of the regime has been extended from a total of 60 months (5 years) to a total of 84…

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Mette Klingsten og Mads Bernstorn

What is sexual harassment and what is flirting in the workplace?

Together with approximately 100 other women from the French cultural life, the 74-year movie icon Catherine Deneuve has warned about, what they see as a ”witch hunt” against men.

The French actress has set both the French government and a group of younger feminists against herself after she has…

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As is tradition the first Tuesday of October, the government’s legislative program for the coming parliamentary year is presented. This also applies for legislation covering employees.    

The Danish Parliament reopened yesterday as always on the first Tuesday in October. This year 3 October 2017. The Danish Prime Minister gave…

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