Diversity Month 2023

Together with our European network – Ellint – this month we have focused on diversity.

The European Diversity Month raises awareness across the EU about the importance of diversity and inclusion in our workplaces and in society as a whole.

It celebrates the efforts of organizations to promote diversity and diverse teams in the workplace and create inclusive working environments.

The European Commission has long worked to promote diversity, inclusion and combat discrimination. Legislation has helped create equality and enabled millions of people to reach their full potential.

All Ellint colleagues have contributed a short statement about what diversity means to them. Ours was:

“Right from a very early age, we’re all surrounded by stereotypes. it can be the image of the nurturing mother og the gender of the CEO or nurse. These generalized beliefs about the would around us shape our worldview on a conscious and unconscios level. Doversity means that everyone is treated with parity to ensure that they are not disadvantaged by the stereotypes and bias (conscious and unconscios) that exists in soceity to ensure a fair systemt for everyone. we have gained a valuable insight ino inclusive communcation working with our client deevelop diverse, who work in the diversity area to ensure that companies adopt inclusive communcation to reach the widest possible audience.”