Compensation & Benefits

As part of our assistance as an external HR department for companies, we also offer advice on compensation & benefits.

We help companies with everything from remuneration of senior executives to updating and regulatory compliance of employee contracts, which is relevant in cases of organizational changes, changes in collective agreements, or when new legal requirements for employment arise.

In addition, we focus on coordinating with the specific management or HR responsible, on how the employer can best establish the entire A-Z process around recruitment, retention, or dismissal of employees and management, and suggest methods for measuring performance, composing salary packages, and salary adjustment. Furthermore, we offer to conduct a compliance review of existing employment contracts and suggest improvements from an optimization perspective or in accordance with the company’s strategic considerations and further objectives.

We also assist with advice on and regulation of, among other things, salary packages, pensions, rewards, bonus agreements, and employee benefits, and develop tailor-made guidelines based on the specific employer’s needs and organization.

We closely follow what is happening in various industries and can provide insights into different trends and best practices within compensation & benefits to offer employers the best conditions when they want to attract a certain group of employees to the company.

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