Conflict management can be a difficult task, often involving opposing viewpoints and emotions. We offer an experienced and sensitive approach, bringing what the situation requires, as part of mediation cases, arbitration cases, and similar.

We assist in litigation and legal proceedings at the ordinary courts, including the district courts, regional courts, and the Supreme Court. We have experience with cases in the Labour Court, the Apprentices’ Dispute Committee, and the Equal Treatment Board. We also handle arbitration cases, both when managing cases for clients and as appointed judges.

We provide assistance in conflict resolution, including employment law cases at the ordinary courts, labor law cases in the Labour Court, disputes settled by industrial arbitration or private arbitration, and procedures to the Arbitration Board.

Additionally, we also conduct legal investigations, e.g., in connection with possible irregularities, misuse of funds, violation of anti-corruption rules, and harassment, as well as implementing the relevant measures decided as a result of the findings.

Other Business Areas

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