Contracts for senior executives and executive directors

Contracts for senior executives and executive directors

Negotiating and drafting of terms and conditions, when the company is about to hire senior executives and directors. We have long experience, when it comes to negotiating service agreements, short-term bonus agreements and long term incentives based on shares and stock options. We assist in connection with settlement of terms and conditions, when a discharge of senior executives and directors is needed. We assist in drafting severance agreements, hereunder taking the need for loyality obligations and communication during into consideration (hereunder with due consideration to stock exchange rules).

Assistance from experiences advisors with the negotiation and drafting of terms and conditions (including incentive schemes) in connection with the recruitment of senior executives and directors, as well as with the separation of such persons from the company.

We prepare contracts for senior executives and members of the board of management (including service contracts and CEO/COO agreements) and negotiate the conditions in that respect.

On termination of an employment relation, we negotiate the resignation conditions with the management and senior executives and prepare the required documents.

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