Dispute resolution, court cases and arbitration disputes as well as matters dealt with at judicial boards

We advise employers and senior employees to prevent conflicts, but we also assist when a dispute has already arisen.

Conflict can be a difficult matter to handle, often involving opposing views and feelings. We can provide an experiences and sensitive approach, bringing whatever the situation requires as a part of mediation cases. arbitration cases and similar.

We assist in legal proceedings in the ordinary courts, including the district courts, the High Court (Eastern and Western Division) and the Supreme Court. We have experience with cases in the Labour Court, the Disputes Board for Apprentices and the Board of Equal Treatment. We also deal with arbitration cases, when handling cases for clients and as appointed judge.

We provide assistance in conflict resolution, including employment law court cases in the ordinary courts, labor law proceedings in the Labour Court, disputes settled by industrial arbitration or private arbitration and proceedings to the Arbitration Board.

In addition, we also undertake legal investigations, e.g. in connection with possible irregularities, misuse of funds, breach of anti-corruption regulations and harassment and the implementation of the relevant measures decided in consequence of the findings.

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